Pasta da Pulcinella

I love Midtown. Not only because everything I frequently visit is in this particular neighborhood (work, gym, spa), but also because of the food. The restaurants here are so delicious and dependable- two traits I like about my food.

One thing you’ll learn about me is that when I fall in love with a food place, I fall hard.

Enter Pasta da Pulcinella.

Ever since I learned about this Italian restaurant, tucked away on a side street only blocks away from everything I frequent, I try my hardest to make any excuse to go there.

Birthday lunch at work? Pasta da Pulcinella

Lunch with the co-workers? Pasta da Pulcinella

Random lunch date with the fiance?

Well, you get the idea. I thought it would be a great idea to take a lunch with him and introduce the place. With wooden floors and tables, white tablecloths and close quarters (the entire space is small), it felt like I’m in a cozy home.

On my first visit, I fell in love with the Tortelli de Mele, sausage-stuffed ravioli with apple, sage, browned butter, and an apple cider reduction…believe me, it’s better than words can describe. I haven’t strayed away since.

The fiance had a pretty good lunch as well. The shrimp scampi was tasty and satisfying.

He was especially grateful that I let him have a few bites of my ravioli. 🙂

I pretty much can’t get enough of this place. Check it out.

The Lowdown:
Where- 1123 Peachtree Walk NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Best for a casual, intimate lunch

Lunch prices range $10-$15.

Parking can be tricky, but there’s metered parking and two parking decks in close vicinity. Service can be spotty at times, so don’t go there if you are in a rush for a meal.


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