Babette’s Cafe

I know it’s early, but can I let you in on a little secret?

I’ve always been intimidated by French food.

I’m not sure if it was the language (Spanish has always been my love, once I found out in high school I couldn’t ever speak Latin…) or the names of the food (what is foie gras exactly), but I’ve never explored French cuisine.

Until now.

After an email from a co-worker asking the ladies of the firm what restaurants we’d suggest for a special night out, one of the main recommendations was Babette’s Cafe in Inman Park.

Of course, I had to dive into this slowly and given that the food was a mix of French, Spanish, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, I chose Sunday brunch as an opportunity to try it out and dragged Corey along for the ride.

When we stepped in the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised by the intimate, cozy feeling that the bungalow brought (I’ve always been fond of restaurants in houses). The vibe was lowkey and relaxed, somewhere families, couples and friends could all intermingle without feeling left out.

We sat at a table near a corner and dined on muffins and scones before our main courses arrived.

The muffin of the day was blueberry!

And then our food arrived.

The shrimp and grits with bacon laced cream sauce was incredibly rich and savory. After a few bites, I felt like I couldn’t finish the plate (which is common considering my current diet is devoid of anything that rich or calorie-laden).

Corey’s dish of lobster and spinach crepes with a truffled butter sauce was lighter and satisfying.

To top it off, I decided that I wanted to try crème brûlée for dessert because my line sisters (in my sorority) had just mentioned on Twitter the night before how delicious this treat is.

If you would have put a fork in me, I would have been done.

I think our first foray into French cuisine was a good one. Maybe I’ll get brave and eat French food for dinner?

The Lowdown:
Complimentary valet parking, but parking is limited (as we were leaving, there were a few cars waiting to get into the full parking lot).

Reservations can be made in advance, and we would recommend them, given the small dining area.

Brunch prices range from $10-$25 per entree.


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