Park 75 Restaurant and Lounge

Corey has been on the hunt for red velvet pancakes in the city. When I discovered that Park 75 in the Four Seasons hotel had them, we were counting down the days until we could taste them for breakfast.

Luckily, we didn’t have to wait for too long.

Yes, red velvet pancakes. Dusted with powdered sugar. Topped with pecan cinnamon butter with a drizzle of pure maple syrup.

This was as decadent as it could get.

The menu at Park 75 had a few other tasty options for breakfast.

But with its ambience that screamed classy, old school hotel but not pretentious coupled with the chef’s selections, I am excited to try it out again for lunch or dinner.

Red velvet pancake run? I think both Corey and I’d agree that it was a success.

The lowdown:
Complimentary valet parking is offered at the hotel for Park 75.
We went on a Saturday so there weren’t that many people. If you go for Sunday brunch, you may want to make reservations.
Try dressing up a bit for this (you don’t need a suit and tie, but nice jeans and a button down shirt for the guys and a cute top or dress for girls would be suitable).


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