The Funky Paintbrush

I have never thought of myself as an artistic person.

Although I was heavily involved in performing arts when I was younger (attended a performing arts magnet school, played the violin for six years, had an acting role in every musical I could), I didn’t think that I had much “visual arts” talent. I could blame this on my fourth grade teacher who never hung up any of my paintings in our classroom nor submitted any of them to Artbreak, causing my self-esteem in the visual arts realm to drop as fast as Acrophobia at Six Flags.

I’m not [too] bitter about that.

However, last weekend I channeled my inner Picasso by visiting The Funky Paintbrush in East Atlanta.

For those of you who are familiar with this concept, this is another “Dip and Dab” or “Sip and Stroke” type place, where you can paint on a canvas while enjoying your favorite libations. After months of buying (and ultimately wasting) numerous Groupons (oops!) on this type of experience, I finally took to take a class with Corey.

Because we went to an “Open Studio” night, we had the liberty to paint anything that we wanted. We chose two paintings, received direction from our instructor on how to paint our chosen pieces, pulled out our drinks (a bottle of sparkling wine for me, a six-pack of beer for him) and got to work on our masterpieces.

Corey putting the final touches on his painting. He’s nice with the paintbrush! 🙂

After two (or three) glasses of wine, this came out better than I expected, especially considering that I felt the need to “freestyle” toward the end of my painting.

Overall, we had a great time– so great that the paintings now hang on our living room wall.

The Lowdown:
Must sign up in advance for the classes. We recommend signing up at least a week or two in advance, as Groupons and other internet discounts make this and other canvas painting studios popular.

Most classes, with the exception of Open Studio, are focused on teaching you how to paint one picture. You probably won’t be able to choose your own if you select a class like this.

Since it is BYOB, try to remember to bring a glass or wine bottle opener (you never know if they will have them onsite!).

The temperature in this studio in East Atlanta is really cold, so keep that in mind.

Parking is available on the street and across the street. If you have problems with parking, call the studio in advance and they should be able to help you.

At the time of our class, they did not have a credit card machine. You may want to bring cash. Otherwise, they will run your credit card by calling their other location in Woodstock and sharing your credit card number with them.

This is a great date night idea. We were one of three couples in the studio on Saturday. However, this is also a fun idea for a girls night out.


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