H. Harper Station

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As a man, I can’t always take my fiancee’s advice about where to eat. I mean, look at what happened when Adam listened to Eve. (I kid, I kid.) And although she’s great at recommending places to eat, I decided one up her and discover a place she’s never thought about going before. H. Harper Station caught my eye as a restaurant where I could take Erica for an early Valentine’s Day dinner.

I have to admit, I was initially drawn to the venue by the extensive selection of wine and spirits. As a connoisseur of top shelf libations, good drink options are a must. Based on the restaurant’s website I also got the hint that there was an air of formality, so it seemed like the perfect place to have a nice romantic dinner. Score one for my impeccable restaurant intuition.

The first thing that struck me, aside from the mood-setting lighting, the welcoming atmosphere and the train depot feel (it is located at the historic Atlanta & West Point rail station) was our waiter’s larger than life mustache. An unforgettable character, whose real name may or may not have been John Wayne, he made the experience that much more pleasant with his extensive knowledge about the drinks and menu.

Both the garlic herb tater tots and carolina bbq shrimp caught my attention as appetizers. They were both delicious.

Erica ordered the pan-roasted steelhead trout and I the butter roasted sea scallops. The beautiful plating was only complimented by the array of flavors in both dishes.

Simply put, the food was great. As were the drinks. I had a bourbon drink called The Old Fashioned, and the Sazerac, the speciality drink of the night. With a hint of absinthe, it’s definitely a manly man’s drink and as good as the waiter told me it would be. Erica had a rum drink called Papa Doble. She enjoyed it.

This hidden, romantic watering hole is great for special occasions but my frugality will not afford me to visit on a regular basis, as the tab and tip hovered around $100. But thanks to Scoutmob, I just may make my return sooner rather than later.

The Lowdown:
Best for a date night or drinks after work.
Reservations are recommended.
Complimentary valet.
The tables in the dining room are close together, so it’s definitely possible to hear the next table’s conversation.


2 thoughts on “H. Harper Station

  1. I was a goner until I saw the tab amount. I still may have to try it out especially if it’s on Scoutmob. Nicely written review that actually made me imagine Mr. Wayne’s mustache.

    • Believe me, we thought about taking a picture of it but decided against it. You could definitely spend less if you wanted, but we had our share of drinks and an appetizer so that’s why it totaled to that amount.

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