Cafe Circa

Tucked away in Old Fourth Ward on Edgewood Ave. are several gems that you may have never seen before.

One of these gems happens to be Cafe Circa. (Check out the history of what used to be there before Cafe Circa; it’s pretty neat.)

(What it looks like in the daytime.)

For someone like me who dreamed of a place to go to as an adult for good Caribbean food, drinks and a sleek, yet sexy, atmosphere that screamed “I’m grown” Cafe Circa is it.

Between the plush seating areas, mixture of high cocktail tables and low tables for dining out with the girls or going on a date, and the food, which is a combination of Caribbean and Jamaican dishes, it’s a must to go visit at least once. They even have a rooftop lounge, which is generally open when the weather is warmer.

Fair warning though: out of the few times I’ve been there (for my birthday, a night out with the girls and date night with Corey), the service was only good once. Sometimes I don’t mind sacrificing service if I have this to look forward to:

Lamb Ribs

Pan Roasted Salmon with Veggies in a Mango Jus

The Lowdown:
Parking is limited, so try carpooling.
Make reservations early especially if you have a large party, as the restaurant gets pretty full early on in the evening.
The food is delicious but the portions are not as big as you may think. Don’t come in a ravenous state.
Take precaution walking around here on your own, as there aren’t many streetlights around.
Wear something nice when visiting. Many other patrons will be dressed up.


2 thoughts on “Cafe Circa

  1. They have amazing rum braised oxtails when they aren’t served room temperature. I’ve frequented Cafe Circa a few times as well because the atmosphere is just as you described, but the service and food are inconsistent.

    • This is true. At the very least, there aren’t many places with the same vibe like Cafe Circa in Atlanta. However, they could really take off if they did improve the service and make the food more consistent to your point (although we’ve never experienced that issue fortunately).

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