Proof and Provision

As soon as we heard Proof and Provision would open this Friday, we knew we had to be one of the first to check it out. Tucked away in the basement level of the Georgian Terrace hotel on Peachtree, the bar/restaurant appeared to be more than just another mundane hotel bar, according to the description in a recent Thrillist newsletter.

Apparently, we were right. As soon as we walked in, we felt like we were in another city, not at the bottom of a historic hotel. The scene screamed urban with the exposed brick pillars, natural lighting and sleek furniture.

The menu was carefully thought out. The items, including the artisan sandwiches, fresh cured meats and cheese, condiments and Southern staples like deviled eggs, were all made in-house.*

The chicken literally fell off the bone and the sweet and sour sauce complemented it well.

The marriage of the fontina cheese with the pecorino cheese was divine. This is definitely a grown-up grilled cheese for adults.

The fresh taste of arugula balanced out well with the pairing of the prosciutto and cheddar. What a tasty sandwich!

And, don’t get us started on the cocktail list. Often times, when I go to a restaurant with crafted cocktails, I’m usually disappointed with at least one of my drinks, which can be too strong or too odd-tasting. However, the mixologist brings a fresh twist on tasty cocktails.

We tried out the Zombie Neck-Tai and Hemingway’s Daiquiri! They were both tasty rum beverages.

Even when he described the “When I Was Eight” drink, as a beverage that tastes like the milk you drink after a bowl of Fruit Loops, after we tried it, we thought it was better (and the alcohol didn’t hurt either).

This drink will take you back to the era of the Saturday morning shows, just with a bit of alcohol included 😉

The customer service was impeccable, especially for it to be the first night (and we were the second customers!), and as couples and families trickled in for dinner or drinks, everyone from our waiter to our manager still checked in with us to see how we were enjoying our experience. It must be nerve-wracking to wait for customers to come in for opening night, but we think that Proof and Provision has a promising future.

The Lowdown:

  • At the Georgian Terrace Hotel; 659 Peachtree St NE
  • Great for date nights, an early happy hour with a small group of friends or impressing no-frills visiting relatives.
  • *It’s possible that the menu may expand, but when we ate dinner there on June 1, this is what the menu consisted of. Food and cocktails are in the $10-$15 range.
  • There isn’t a mirror in the women’s restroom, so be sure to bring a compact.
  • Complimentary valet is available for up to three hours. Remember to get validation if you aren’t staying at the hotel.
  • If you enter in the hotel looking for Proof and Provision, it can be tricky to navigate to the bar. Ask for directions.

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