Stone Soup Kitchen

After a strenuous Saturday a.m. workout at the gym, Corey and I were ravenous and in search of a new brunch spot to try. A quick Google search led us to Stone Soup Kitchen, a small restaurant in Grant Park.

When we arrived, we noticed that although the parking lot was fairly open, the inside of the restaurant was chocked full of patrons — likely of people who lived nearby. We chose to sit in the fully covered patio area and were surrounded by plants, all apparently locally grown. Not only that, the plates, bowls, grits, chicken, greens, cheeses, honey and chicken sausage are also all from Georgia. Impressive. The menu had an assortment of breakfast and lunch meals (they serve breakfast all day!), a few of which were also gluten-free and vegan. Awesome– considering that we are on this health kick. 🙂

So, I know this isn’t “healthy” but it was super good! We devoured this single pancake before we were done with our food!

This scramble is on the lighter side and includes mushrooms, red peppers, avocado, fresh herbs and sprouts. Corey mentioned that it tasted “healthy.” 🙂

This egg scramble has chicken sausage, roasted potato, arugula, onion and pepper jack cheese. Both scrambles were accompanied by a wheat biscuit. Yum!

Once we tried the food, I felt betrayed. How has this gem of a place been under my radar until now? Is this one of those secrets that real Atlantans (the ones who were born in Grady or Northside, went to APS or Fulton County schools, attend church in-town) are keeping from those not indigenous to the city?

Either way, the secret has been revealed. And, now I’m part of the club (and so are you!)…haha!

The Lowdown:

  • 584 Woodward Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312
  • Best with family or friends, especially those with dietary restrictions.
  • The restaurant closes at 3 p.m., and they only serve breakfast and lunch.
  • Parking is located behind the restaurant and is limited.

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